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Fitness Articles

Researched and Written by Robert J. Bovee

1. Ten Nasty Habits
2. Eight Ways to Push Past Plateaus
3. Twelve Best Reasons to Exercise
4. The 45 Plus Age Group
5. Advantages of Exercise
6. Connective Tissue Training
7. Cross Training and Basketball
8. Diets Don’t Work
9. Dieting May Make You Fatter
10. Drink Up!
11. Seniors Enhance Life Through Exercise
12. Evaluating Chest Pain
13. Exercise Arthritis Away
14. Exercise is Strong Medicine
15. Exercise Reduces Stroke Risk
16. Facts On Blood Pressure
17. Facts On High Cholesterol
18. Evaluating Fad Diets
19. Getting Your Beauty Sleep
20. Hamstring Strain
21. Improving Cholesterol
22.Healthy Advantages of Exercise
23. How Exercise Will Help Lower Back Problems
24. How Important Is Exercise
25. Hydro Therapy and The Suana
26. Ideal Weight
27. Iliotibial Band
28. Improve Your Posture
29. Is Fat Really That Bad
30. Is Sleeping A Pain For You
31. Lose Weight Intelligently
32. Menopause and Exercise
33. Make the Most Out of Your Workouts
34. Exercise and Osteoporosis
35. Overuse vs. Traumatic Injuries
36. Proper Hydration
37. Protect Your Spine
38. The Reality of Reducing Body Fat
39. Runners Knee
40. Strength, Flexibility & Endurance for Both the Young and Old
41. Exercise Boosts Brainpower
42. Common Injuries
43. Need More Nutrients
44. Smart Snacks
45. So You Want to Lose a Few Pounds
46. Strength Training For A Healthier You
47. Strength Training for Women
48. Stretching
49. Stretching for Success
50. Successful Weight Control
51. Surviving the Aging Process
52. The Facts On Blood Pressure
53. Treating and Preventing Back Pain
54. Walking
55. Water – A Friend In Fighting Fat
56. Weight Training for Women
57. What Body Type Are You
58. Youth Fitness
59. Overweight Children
60. You Must Protect Your Hardworking Feet


Robert J. Bovee