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Bad Knees and Shoulder
I have been training with Kevin for a little over a year now and have enjoyed the experience immensely.  When I came to him, I had several injuries and was unable to exercise properly without aggravating some part of my body.   As a starting point of reference, I was unable to perform one squat due to a knee injury compounded by the fact that I have bone on bone arthritis in both knees which was causing severe pain.  In less than a year, he has been able to alleviate the pain and I am able to move pain free and easily.  In addition to my knee issues, I have a torn rotator cuff and an ankle injury.  Again, within the year, I no longer have any twinges in my shoulder and have full range of motion.  My ankle is no longer an issue, does not give out on me and I can easily wear high heels without worrying about falling. He is a true professional who cares enough to work with my individual needs and goals, I truly appreciate his one on one attention and his vast knowledge.  Kevin challenges me to an appropriate point given my particular physical capabilities, he explains everything in a kind, caring manner that is a pleasure to be around. On days that I am not training with him, he has given me suggestions for other cardio activities that have contributed to my improvement.  As a result of my training with Kevin, I am both physically and emotionally stronger. In addition to weight training with Kevin, I also removed all processed foods from my diet and he has been a great source of information should I have any meal planning questions.  I have lost a considerable amount of weight and have gained muscle and toned my body.  I am grateful for his guidance and highly recommend his training to anyone considering it as an option to improve their overall health.


-Rebecca Klymn June 2018 June 7, 2018

Low Back Agony

Three years ago I was fairly certain that by now I would either be in a wheelchair or that I would be using a walker on a regular basis. For thirty years my lower back had been getting incrementally worse. I had been x-rayed, cat scanned, punched, poked and prodded. You name it, I tried it.

I have had numerous shots in my back. Some worked for a few days, some as long as two or three weeks, some not at all. I have undergone physical therapy many times, the good intentions of the various trainers involved notwithstanding, there was never even temporary relief. I have consulted several chiropractors, it feels great while they are working on you, but by the time you are back in the car, your back hurts. I have meet with various surgeons. In addition to the fact that you have a fairly long recuperative period (usually six months or more of lifting nothing heavier than five pounds) they will not offer any guarantees, actually it’s quite the opposite and there is a very real possibility of you ending up in worse shape than before the surgery.

Due to the recommendation of a friend, I called Rick Bovee at Brighton Personal Training and after an initial interview, I decided to agree to a trail period of three months.

Rick and his staff were very cautious as far as pushing me too fast too soon. He established a regular routine of custom exercises that were specifically designed for my conditions. I was a little intimidated as I never really worked out in a gym before, I was worried about how to use the equipment, what settings to use, what weight etc. Not to worry, they do all that for you, they are with you every step of the way.

At the end of the trail period, we (I say we because you do have to do the work) had eliminated 70-80% of the pain. I could work, play golf, walk the dogs, in short, everything that I wanted to do and be relatively pain free.

I had lost 7-8 pounds, gained a fair amount of muscle, improved my posture and my golf game.

I continue to work out at BPT today. I have continued to improve and now feel that I’m in better overall shape than 90% of my contemporaries.


-Jim Yaeger June 2018 June 6, 2018

The Sky's the Limit

Bob Bovee, the man I hate. Well, for an hour at most. Some weeks. In the middle of a training session, I'll think, "I'm paying him to kill me like this? ... He really expects me to do that?" Then I do it, or come close. And then, half an hour after the session as I happen to stretch, my muscles feel a little sore but alive, and not the flaccid lumps they used to be. I'll think, "Bob gave me a great workout today!"

And not just Bob. All the trainers in the gym. They'll glance over at you with that evil smile as you exclaim, "I have to do how many reps?" I swear learning that smile is part of their training. Of course, they're just as ready to clap when you set a new personal best. Everyone jumps in to answer any questions that you may have and to cover for each other during absences. Never a cancelled appointment. I could talk about the equipment, but that's irrelevant. You could be in an empty room with these trainers and they'd improve you. Add a chair and the sky is the limit.

But has he helped me at all? A year ago, before starting with Bob, I could carry one bag of groceries in each arm from the car to the kitchen table. Then I had to sit and catch my breath for ten minutes. Now, I carry three bags in each arm to the table and sort them into the proper cupboards. Then I rest for five minutes. I've gained muscle everywhere without gaining much weight. I do have COPD with supplemental oxygen, so I will have limits. But we haven't found them yet. Bob tailors his program to me, to get the most out of me. He finds out what works and what doesn't, and then he trains me in such a way that what didn't work will in the future. One time, my supplemental oxygen quite working early in the session. Rather than calling it quits, Bob guided me through the balance of the program. Exhausted but alive, I don't know who was prouder of this accomplishment - me or Bob for me!

With Bob's guidance, I'll find my limits. But he's not going to let me accept a stumble over a curb as a limit. It's going to take a real wall before he lets me stop. Of course, even then I know he'll be hunting a door through that wall for me.

~ Larry June 2014, Client since May 2013 June 17, 2014

Remarkable Change
I have been training with Bob for just over a year now and since that time I have seen a remarkable change not only my appearance, but in my stamina as well.

I am 65 years old and I work as a Mail Handler at the U.S. Postal Service. Prior to training with Bob, I started noticing that I was beginning to have a difficult time performing many of my daily job functions - such as lifting, stooping and sometimes just walking short distances.

Within three months of training with Bob, I started to notice big changes in my body! Not only was I able to perform my tasks more easily, but I could perform them better than many of the much younger women I work with.

Another benefit is the way I am starting to look! The bulges are disappearing and my entire body is stronger. What more can I ask for? Thank you, Bob!

~ Peggy April 2014 April 22, 2014

Pain Relief After Mastectomy
In late 2010, I finally realized why my mom and most of her sisters each died at a fairly young age of metastasized breast cancer. I was a BRACA 1 gene carrier, one of the cancer genes with startling high statistics for getting breast cancer.

At 47 years old, it is not natural to be sitting in front of a surgeon telling him to cut off two healthy breasts. A lot of people looked at me in fear when they heard that I was actually going have such a potentially disfiguring type of surgery. But they did not understand my family history. And I had three reasons to stay alive… my sons, Michael, Stephen and John.

It was not easy for me though. At one point prior to the surgery, I remember sitting at a table having coffee with my father and crying because I really didn’t want to have the surgery. I was so scared. But my dad just looked at me and said, “You have to have this surgery.” He was right.

As traumatic as the surgery was (both physically and emotionally), I was not prepared for all the pain that I would be in for the following year and a half. What was the cause? Post Traumatic Mastectomy Pain Syndrome, also known as Neuralgia. I had sensory nerve damage and was experiencing extremely high levels of chronic pain. I went to both my breast surgeon and plastic surgeon several times trying to find some answers for all the pain and, even more so, relief. They both looked at me and said this was very unusual and they did not know what was causing all the pain. During this time, I also went into depression which required treatment from several doctors.

In late December 2012, I met Robert J. Bovee, Certified Master Professional Personal Trainer and Exercise/Fitness Therapist. His knowledge of and experience with how the human body works and how the muscles react were amazing. Soon after, I began training with a Personal Trainer that worked under Bob. Due to the severe pain and specific needs resulting from the surgery, Bob saw that a more educated eye was needed. I then began training with him instead. Bob was very careful to only work the peck muscles in one specific way in order to not further aggravate to the muscles and increase the pain.

Through Bob’s extensive education and experience, and thorough understanding of the muscles and kinetics of the body, he was not only able to get my peck muscles “firing” properly again but was able to break down the scar tissue and reshape the contour of the peck muscles. Thanks to Bob, the pain has decreased significantly and my quality of life has improved.

Anyone suffering from chronic pain should seek an Exercise/Fitness Therapist like Robert J. Bovee.

~ Pam May 2013 April 4, 2014

Shoulder Injury
In January 2012, I tore my rotator cuff and muscle in left arm. Surgery was needed to repair this injury. After 8 weeks of recovery, I started physical therapy at the U of R Medical Center. This lasted for three months, working the muscle and shoulder every day. This got me to full range of motion in my arm; however, I only had 30% strength. In the process of protecting the injured arm, I had strained the muscles in my other arm. Since I had full range of motion, the Medical Center released me. Realizing that I had much more to do to regain strength in the injured arm and avoid surgery for the other arm, I decided to research who would be the best in the field for physical therapy. I decided to work with Bob Bovee and the first thing he did was a total workup analysis of my injuries. He had to take into consideration my back issues and carpel tunnel issues. And then he put together a program of strength training, stretching and cardio. After 8 months of working with him 3 times per week, I am extremely happy to report that not only do I look and feel much better but the strength in my injured arm is now at 80% and my other arm has fully recovered from the strained muscles. I also have lost 15 lbs since January 2013. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone who is in need of a dedicated, knowledgeable professional trainer specializing in Exercise/Fitness Therapy. Bob is the best!
Thank you, Bob, for all that you have done for me. Looking forward to continuing my journey to become a 100%!

~ Ed Baird April 2013 March 1, 2014

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Rick D. Bovee

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